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Feedback and Generative 2 Release Notes

I’m very happy to finally release version 2 of Generative and Feedback. This update has been a long time coming as I’ve been involved in a lot of other projects since the first versions came out. During development I also had some problems that I couldn’t easily solve with standard Max...

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Where’s the Sampler?

I've had a few different ideas for version 2 of the Sampler application. At one point I experimented with building granular synthesis in to each voice, but this caused the whole application to become bloated and unstable. In the current version I've been adding some effects, and LFOs to each voice, as well...

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Composition Sketch with Max for Live

Recently I made a little musical sketch that used a field recording of fireworks. I wanted a drone to be triggered whenever a loud firework happened. This was easy to do using a gate device, with the side chain input being audio from the track with the fireworks on. I also wanted another...

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